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Network Site Visits

The Network Site Visits (NSV) is a programme aimed at creating opportunities for manufacturers to better understand Industry 4.0 technologies and enhance information-sharing across the manufacturing sector.

Whether you’re well entrenched in your Industry 4.0 journey, or you’re just starting out, the NSV programme offers opportunities to expand your Industry 4.0 technology knowledge through engaging resources, and helps you connect with manufacturers who are driving change through Industry 4.0.

Through the NSV, we deliver the information you need to kick-start your Industry 4.0 journey.

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Factory Tours

Your chance to experience Industry 4.0 technologies in action and network with other manufacturers in your region. These tours allow you to experience first-hand the real-life technology developments businesses have implemented following their SIRI assessment.

Case Studies

These provide opportunities to understand specific examples of Industry 4.0 technology. You’ll hear how other companies went about their implementation. They deliver key learnings that you can take on board for your own business.


Our webinar series is an opportunity to hear stories from New Zealand companies who are at different stages of their Industry 4.0 journey. Understand potential benefits, challenges and learnings based on their experience to apply to your own business and hear specific examples of technologies that have been implemented.

Network Site Visits: Where have we been? Network Site Visits: Where have we been?